Most of us will have considered making a Will, yet only 30% of the population have done so. Even the most sensible of us often think that making a Will is something to do ‘when I’m older’ or that making a Will is somehow morbid. Do you know that if you don’t have a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out, a Law from 1925 decides who inherits your possessions after you die? It’s hard to imagine that a decree that is almost a century old reflects how you would like your family or friends to be treated. Download our Intestacy guide here to find out who would inherit if you died intestate. Tens of thousands of people every year have their bereavement compounded by the fact that their loved ones left no clear instructions on how their estate should be dealt with in the event of their death, and face court battles and large expenses to try and solve the puzzle.

What happens if I dont have a will?

Research has highlighted that almost everyone makes the wrong assumption over who would benefit if they died without a Will. Most married people assume their spouse ‘automatically’ inherits everything they own, with or without a Will. This is not true. Most unmarried couples also assume that they have the same legal rights to inherit as a married couple. This is not true either. Unmarried couples have no guaranteed rights to inherit at all, and married couples can only guarantee to inherit everything if there is a Will. See our common misconceptions and intestacydownloads for more information.

Why Choose Diamond Wills?

Diamond WIlls and Estate Planning Ltd are a National Company. We ahve a team of telephone and road based advisors that offer one of the most affordable means of guaranteeing peace of mind for both you and the people you care for most. You can give your instructions for the drafting of a professionally prepared Will at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home or over the telephone. We offer a fixed and guaranteed cost, and have received awards for the clarity and ‘plain English’ of our services.
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Our Principles

The Company’s guiding principles are to be ethical, knowledgeable and professional in all dealings with its customers. This is communicated and reinforced in every staff training session, monitored constantly by the Directors and Senior Management Team and followed through in all promotional material. The Company and its staff are bound by and comply with the Codes of Conduct of the Society of Willwriters.


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