Power of Attorney

The importance of having a Power of Attorney

A recent Daily Mail headline stated ‘ Lawyers charged frail Alzheimer’s couple £44000′ and went on to explain how an elderly ,frail couple were charged a swingeing £44,000 by Lawyers who handled their simple finances for four years when they were no longer capable of looking after themselves. These lawyers had been appointed by the Court of Protection because there was no Power of Attorney in force for their family to act for them. At present there are thousands of cases where The Court of Protection has appointed Deputies to act in this way and it costs more than £1000 a time to make such an appointment . We can set up a Power of Attorney at far less than this cost to ensure that your own family members can step in if necessary to provide all the help that may be needed in times of adversity.


Often serious illness or accidents strike without warning.


Without a Power of Attorney being available it becomes difficult and costly for family members to provide the help and care needed for the patient.


Powers of attorney can be made at any time but do not have to be registered with the Office of Public Guardian until the power is required to be used.