Why Should I make a Will?

  • You can decide who you wish to look after your children

    When you have children/dependants under the age of 18 it is crucial that you appoint a Guardian or Guardians. Without Guardians the state could take your children into care whilst a suitable guardian is appointed on your behalf.

  • You can ensure monies are available for your guardians

    Would you want to help your guardians financially?Without making a will whilst a guardian may eventulally be appointed by the state (a child's aunt or grandmother for example) they would not have access to to any monies from your estate to aid in the upbringing of the child.

  • You can make provision for your children's upkeep

    By documenting your wishes as to how monies should be used for a child's education & maintenance, should the worst happen you can make sure your child has the childhood you would have wished for.

  • You can provide for an un-married partner

    If you have an un-married partner (and are not in a civil partnership) you will NOT get a share of your partner's estate if they die without making a will, if you want your partner to benefit from your estate you must make your will; its certainly cheaper than getting married!

  • You can decide when you want your children to inherit

    When a child is young it is impossible to know what they will be like when they grow-up. Would you want your estate passing to them on their 18th birthday? Or would you prefer trustees have control over the age your child inherits. You could specify a maximum age and allow your trustees the discretion to provide monies before this age according to your wishes.

  • You can decide how you would like your funeral conducted

    Would you want to be buried or cremated? Would you want your funeral to be a celebration of your life? Perhaps you would like a service at a specific church, or even a particular hymn of song played? Without a will in place how would your family be aware of your wishes?

  • You can decide who you wish to deal with your estate 

    Executors handle your affairs when you die. When you write a will you must appoint one or more this is normally a job for your adult children, relatives or a friend, someone you trust to administer your estate according to your wishes.

  • You can decide who you wish to inherit

    Although you may not like it, without a will the government will decide what happens and who benefits when you die - which may not be what you would have wished.